How To Replace A RI Bridge In 90 Seconds

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RIDOT Releases Time Lapse Video Of Warwick’s Barton Corner Bridge Replacement.

RIDOT released a time-lapse video of the Barton Corner Bridge being replaced over 11 days in early August. Instead of traditional construction methods, which would have been extremely time- and labor-intensive, D’Ambra Construction was tasked with building the bridge’s replacement spans on a lot adjacent to the bridge and then moved the completed spans into place as the original bridge was demolished.

In a press release, Governor Chafee was happy to pat himself on the back…

“Strengthening our transportation infrastructure has been a cornerstone of my administration, and I am proud to see Rhode Island taking such an innovative step forward with this project,” Governor Chafee said. “Investing in our infrastructure is critical to continuing our economic recovery as a state, as well as improving the quality of life for Rhode Islanders.”

“This project was a great success for the State of Rhode Island,” Director Lewis said. “Not only did we replace a critical piece of our infrastructure, but we did so with minimal disruption to traffic and to the surrounding community during construction. We will continue to explore new technologies such as this to complete projects more efficiently and further reduce impacts to the everyday driver.”

Now, if only some new revolutionary construction technique could be applied to Broadway.

Tristan Pinnock, Blast Construction Correspondent

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