How To Troll Guy Fieri Like A Champ

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Someone grabbed the URL for the chef’s new spot, Guy’s American Kitchen And Bar. Hilarity ensues.

Guy Fieri, culinary celebrity, is opening a new spot in Times Square. As it often the case, Guy knows a lot more about making (and charging people for) food than he does about the intricacies of web marketing, leaving himself open to whoever the comic genius is who developed this satirical menu, which pokes at Guy’s over-the-top Americana style.

If you’re a big name celebrity chef, it’s always a good idea to tell your IT guys to buy up all the URLs that are close to your restaurant’s name, otherwise some smartass is going to grab and go to town.

Offerings include:

Superbowl Bash Bro’det $37.95

A bidet jammed to the brim with bubbling, overflowing Velveeta over a hidden layer of hamburger-fisted pig skins and a generous sprinkling of Dirty South Couch Crumbs. The bidet is an MP3 player that plays Smash Mouth while you eat. Serves one.


Football: The Meal 19.95

Warm, broken hamburgers, served in a clear plastic bag enclosed in a larger, black trash bag. Thrown at you from 40 yards.

Check out the rest below…

guys american

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Culinary Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?