How You Can Ride Rocky Point’s Corkscrew Today! (Video)

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A big piece of Rhode Island nostalgia is still alive and kicking…but it’s a bit of a trip.

For Rhode Islanders of a certain age (call it over 30), nothing was a bigger reminder of summer than Rocky Point. Even if you never got to go, the commercials were all over the radio and TV. And what was the biggest draw? Well, some liked the Flume. We were always had an affinity for the Freefall, due to one particular scene in the movie Aliens. But regardless of which ride anyone might have had as their own favorite, it has to be unanimous what the park’s biggest draw was…

The Corkscrew

This is a video of the Corkscrew, filmed by a Rocky Point ride mechanic way back when:

Check out how it looks today…

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