Hurricane Jose Could Hit Newport, Rhode Island

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With winds picking up, Jose returns to hurricane status, heading north with Newport and the rest of Rhode Island in its cone of uncertainty.

In recent weeks, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have created a lot of destruction in the American Southeast, but, aside for some leftover rain, the Northeast has remained untouched. That could be about to change as Hurricane Jose appears to be following the one potential track that could have it heading for New England. This is one storm Newport residents should keep an eye on and one that we expect Rhode Island surfers to be all about.

A few days back, there was only one spaghetti track that diverged from the rest and headed straight for Rhode Island. The rest had Jose doing circles in the Atlantic hundreds of miles offshore. In true Rhode Island fashion, that one track ended up being the most accurate.

Now, with updated data, here’s what the spaghetti map for Hurricane Jose looks like:

Hurricane Jose Spaghetti Map Newport RI

Good News for Newport’s Surfers (and hopefully the rest of us)

As you can see, while the storm is heading straight for Rhode Island, it’s likely going to veer off before it hits us, so the worst we’re likely to get is a near miss. That means plenty of big waves and some wind, but we shouldn’t expect the high winds and storm surge that can do so much damage to our seaside communities. We expect our local surfers are going to love it.

Even if Jose does give Rhode Island a direct hit next Wednesday, it will likely of degraded to a tropical storm by then. Of course, just because it’s unlikely that Jose will hit us directly and it’s unlikely that it will be a hurricane when it arrives doesn’t mean that that won’t happen, so keep your eyes out for weather reports and plan accordingly.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Hurricane Correspondent

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