How Our April Fools Story Got The Newport Beach Commission In Trouble

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Chairman Charles Wright takes our joke and runs with it. All are not amused.

On Thursday, the front page of a Newport daily paper reported that, as most of you realized, an article by Dennis Hofer we published that claimed Bailey’s Beach is buying Rejects’ Beach was, in fact, an April Fools joke.  Most news media doesn’t take it upon themselves to debunk our April 1 stories, let alone make it a feature a week later. In this case, some activity at the Beach Commission had made things a bit more interesting.

Commission member Carole Nicodemus said she sent Wright the link to the online blog on Friday, April Fools’ Day. Wright said he laughed when he read it and said, “This has to fly.”

So on Monday, April 4, Commission Chairman Charles Wright nonchalantly posted the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting on the city’s website.

Newport Beach Commission Agenda

And that’s when everybody lost their s***.

First, Wright’s phone started blowing up…and then he got a call from the Mayor.

He told commission members that Mayor Jeanne-Marie Napolitano called him on Tuesday to say she was receiving calls about the item as well. When he told her it was an April Fools’ joke from an online blog, she said, “You are an idiot,” according to Wright.

When a visitor noted that Monday – April 4 – was three days too late for an April Fools’ prank, Wright responded: “Close enough. It was too good to let pass.”

Well, who are we to disagree with the Beach Commission Chair?

When informed that his article had caused all this hubbub, noted humorist, burger slinger and O’Brien’s bar trivia host Dennis Hofer had this to say:

We know that being on the front page of a paper doesn’t quite have the luster it used to, but this is a monstrously mediocre deal for us. Not quite the ProJo level, but we’ll take it!

On a final note, we’re not sure why the author of the piece kept misspelling “The Newport Blast” as “an online blog”, but it’s an offensively redundant term. “Blog” is a shortening of the term “web log”, where “web” refers to the “World Wide Web” which is, as most of you are aware, “online”.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beach Correspondent

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