INCOMING!!! Tonight Is The Night For The Volvo Ocean Race

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You’re going to want to be at Fort Adams for this!

[UPDATE 6:06pm : The boats could be arriving at Fort Adams as early as 8PM! Plan accordingly!]

The sixth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, Itajaí to Newport, is proving to be very tight…and with the lead boats 50 nautical miles from Newport and closing, their ETA has been given as “between 10pm and 1am” tonight!

As of 3:15pm EST, here are the standings (click the image to see the updates on the Volvo Ocean Race site):

Volvo Ocean Race LogFun Fact: DTF means something a bit different in sailing than in other contexts.

As you can see, the fight for the lead is extremely tight, with Team Adu Dhabi just 1/8th of a mile behind race leader Dongfeng.

Hometown favorites Team Alvimedica are back in 5th place with 93 nm to go, which means that some frisky females we know are going to be in for a long night if they’re going to bring their big guns to bear and give Amory Ross’s camera an eyeful.

Parking and admission to the VOR village is free tonight, so let’s make sure we give the teams a big Newport welcome. The eyes of the boating world need to see that Newport is America’s sailing city!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Boating Correspondent

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