Ireland Decided To Have A Far Wilder Party Than Newport This Week

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The Emerald Isle brings out the big guns by legalizing Ecstasy and Crystal Meth for 48 hours.

To hear anyone from Ireland tell it, Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day far harder than the actual Irish do. It’s more of a “Oh, it’s St. Patrick’s Day so I’ll have a pint of Guinness before switching back to my normal Bud for the remainder of the evening” instead of the “It’s 8am, time to shower in Jameson” that we’ve accustomed to on this side of the pond.

But not this year. This year Ireland decided to show every town in the United States that holds a St. Patrick’s Day parade that they are the ones who really know how to party…and it’s all due to one legal fluke. Vice has the story why:

As The Journal reports—and if you don’t like extremely dry retellings of legal goofs, we’re sorry, but this is the backstory to why it’s legal to crawl around Dublin in a K-hole right now– a Court of Appeal ruling made this morning, March 10, declared the 1977 Act void, effectively rendering ecstasy, ketamine, just a little taste of crystal meth, and Methylcathinone (also known as, strangely, “cat” and “jeff”) legal until emergency legislation can be passed overnight.

Basically, the ruling found that additions to the 1997 Act were being made without recourse to Irish Parliament (Oireachtas), an act deemed unconstitutional by the Court of Appeal. With the Act now void, all the drugs it shakes a matronly finger at and tells you not to ingest are legal until emergency legislation can be patched together by Seanad, the upper house of the Oireachtas.

Seanad members can’t meet until tomorrow and whatever law they pass won’t be enacted until the next day, so it sounds like Ireland’s going to be an interesting place to be for the next 48 hours. Sort of like Florida, with better accents. Basically, this:

And with all of that free-flowing Molly, we’re guessing we’re going to see a lot more of this…

Now, it’s not like there’s no one in Ireland has ever partied before or woken up asking “What on Earth, wait…WHO on Earth…did I do last night?” but now they get to crank it all up to 11 for two days. Just a warning for anyone planning to go on a meth binge, that’s two days our time, not the week and a half it’s going to take you to go through the sleep cycle twice.

Of course, this could be an interesting experiment in the study of drug legalization. If people don’t see much of a change in the next 48 hours, then perhaps the whole drug prohibition thing is overrated. Alternatively, if Temple Bar turns into a brand new episode of The Walking Dead, then it’ll provide the evidence the world needs to keep all the ’90s party drugs on the black side of the market.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Party Correspondent Correspondent

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