Is The Boat Yard Kaput?

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One of Newport’s newest restaurants just closed unexpectedly.

Earlier today, The Boatyard posted on various social media channels that it was closed for the season.

This is just two weeks after announcing their new fall hours.

Members of the staff have said that they were told that the restaurant was shutting down permanently on Monday.

A seasonal close now would leave the next month or so with a lot of meat on the bone. The most seasonal of establishments, like The Smokehouse or The Marina Cafe on Goat Island, whose seating is primarily outside are still open.

There’s plenty of hearsay, but Occam’s Razor can cut through that pretty quickly. Restaurants don’t close early for the season because they’re making too much money and they don’t announce a change of schedule for the season when they’re only going to follow it for a week.

The Boatyard was announced in February as the replacement of the long-struggling Barking Crab, whose Newport location never matched the success of the famous Boston spot. At the time, the move was described as an ownership “shift” with one of the original Barking Crab owners staying on and new ownership from Alden Park restaurant in Plymouth, MA coming on board. The interior was redone in accordance with the restaurant’s rebranding in anticipation of reopening.

The restaurant opened for Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and continued to operate while a facelift was performed on the location. The exterior was repainted and most signs that it was ever The Barking Crab disappeared.

Unfortunately, it looks like it can’t (or hasn’t yet been able to) escape the Charlie Brown-like cloud that hangs over the location. Whether the current owners have something up their sleeves or are just going to pass the restaurant on to someone else, we can’t help but hope that someone gets it right.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Restaurant Correspondent

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