It’s Time For One Of The HAIRIEST Charity Events In Newport

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Wednesday, July 8th is the day Newport’s beards get massacred…to fight breast cancer.

beards for boobs 2015

We’ll let Frankie Amaral explain the history of Beards For Boobs. For those of you who don’t know Frankie, he’s about five and a half feet of Portuguese fury with a very specific set of skills: growing beards and fighting breast cancer.

Beards for Boobs started during the 2011 Bruins playoff run. The four of us got together to watch every game and participating in the hockey tradition of refusing to shave until either the Bruins were eliminated or raised the Stanley Cup. Fast forward a few months, the Bruins won the Cup…and we were left with some pretty ragged mugs.

The next night we hatched a crazy planto let other people shave our beards off for charity. Brian Curry and Laurin Finn did some research and found out about the Gloria Gemma Hope Bus…and Beards for Boobs was born. The Hope Bus’ primary mission is to raise breast health awareness, encourage threefold screening (breast self-exam, annual clinical exam and annual mammograms) and provide educational resources about breast cancer, primarily in low-income neighborhoods in Rhode Island and Southern Mass.

The crowd is a lot of friends and colleagues getting together in a laid back atmosphere, having some drinks, catching up and having a good time. The number of beards has gone way up from 4, and we started shaving heads as well. We’ve even had a few of the ladies participate.

The first year we were able to raise about $2200 and the whole thing was put together in 4 days, primarily on social media, word of mouth and a lot of help from Laurin Finn, Dave Rogers, Lisa Bell, the staff at Buskers and several guest bartenders that have worked the event for free.

Now it’s 2015 and this Wednesday will be our fifth anniversary event. We now grow our beards for the NHL playoffs regardless of who’s winning it. Over the last 4 years locals and businesses have donated over $20,000 of cash and items towards this effort, 100% of which goes directly to the Hope Bus.

We’re really happy that the community and businesses support local charities and small fundraisers like ours. You see the same ones at every event and they never hesitate to offer up a gift certificate or some kind of auction item.

For more info on the Hope Bus, visit

For more info on Beards for Boobs, visit

So there you go. We’ll be there. You should be, too.

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Bearded (but for how long?) Correspondent

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