Jamestown To Feature Little Compton Director’s Film Premiere Wednesday Night

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Gabriel Long’s feature film The Passing Season is the story of returning home to a coastal New England town after life didn’t turn out quite as one expected.

“Don’t you know you can’t go home again?” – Ella Winter

If there is one hit in life that’s hard to take, it’s to be the prodigal son who fails and returns home with your tail between your legs, most especially if the home you’re returning to is a small town in New England that looks suspiciously like Little Compton.

That’s where The Passing Season finds its lead character Sam Alden. Sam, played by the Tony-nominated Brian J. Smith, finds himself moving back home to the fictional town of “Jamesport” after a career in minor league hockey fizzles out. Here he learns that Life’s Second Act isn’t simply going to be a rehash of his younger days, no matter how he might wish it so.The Passing Season 3

Director Gabriel “Gabe” Long says that the film is not autobiographical, but he certainly borrowed heavily from his own experiences especially his time spent growing up in Little Compton.

In Long’s case, he ended up returning to Rhode Island after years of struggling in NYC. Fortunately, through a Kickstarter and contributions from his family, he was able to put together just enough money to make this movie happen. As in, they had enough money to pay the cast and crew for 15 days of shooting…but not enough to buy so much as a shoestring on day 16.

While the movie is textbook “low-budget”, don’t expect that to mean amateurish.

The Cast

The main cast consists of:

  • Brian J. Smith, who starred as a regular of Stargate: Universe and can be currently seen on Netflix’s Sense8.
  • Gayle Rankin who starred in Cabaret on Broadway and The Taming of the Shrew with The Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park.
  • Patrick Murney, who starred opposite Ed Burns in TNT’s Public Morals.
  • Elizabeth Alderfer, who appeared in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black.
  • Nick Choksi, who appeared in Showtime’s HAPPYish and the feature film Violet & Daisy.

Besides Gabriel Long, behind the scene’s we’ve also got his wife Rebecca Atwood who worked as a producer, writer Matthew-Lee Erlbach and a fellow Comptonite, Bruce Mason, who is now a media consultant with a client list that includes The Weinstein Company, Lionsgate Films, The Tribeca Film Festival, BAM and This American Life.

Watch The Passing Season

Now, having read so much about this film, you probably want to know how you can see it. It’s being shown as part of the Rhode Island International Film Festival on Wednesday, August 10 at 8:30 pm at the Jamestown Arts Center.


-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comptonite Correspondent

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