Jason Segel: Putting Newport Back Together One Sign At A Time

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The actor has spent his days shooting “The Discovery”, getting his picture taken with everyone in town and picking up the occasional fallen sign.

Jason Segel has left quite a mark on Newport and it would appear that our city has left a bit of a mark on him, as his behavior demonstrates.

Saturday afternoon, Jason and a female companion were strolling along lower Thames when they came a fallen A-frame sign belonging to what was likely The Pier Restaurant. If he was the average tourist or haggard local, he’d have likely ignored it. Instead, out of a sense of community spirit, a bout of OCD or a bid to appear chivalrous to his lady friend, he took it upon himself to kneel down:

jason segel newport sign 2

Set things straight.

Jason segel newport sign 3

…and carry on.

Jason segel newport sign 4

Jason Segel: Like a BOSS

Alternatively, he might have just looked over at the pedicabber taking his pic and decided to “give ’em something to talk about.”

Fame can be a funny animal, especially for those celebrities who figure out how to tame it. For some, living under a microscope can drive them insane. For others, it amplifies their good nature.

As for The Discovery, they had the wrap party last night, so we’re not going to see much more of Jason, Robert Redford or Rooney Mara. Newport’s celebrity spotters and paparazzi will just have to wait the typical two years before another big Hollywood production rolls into town.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sign Correspondent

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