Jesse James Dog Coco FOUND ALIVE!!!

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The subject of one of Newport’s biggest ever dog hunts is on her way to Newport Animal Hospital after being rescued.

It was a harrowing month for West Coast Choppers star Jesse James since his dog Coco disappeared. He took to social media to ask for help and offer ever increasing rewards but to no avail. Eventually he had to leave the Ocean Lawn resort owned by the family of his wife Alexis DeJoria and get back to work, albeit rather heartbroken. Meanwhile, the rest of Aquidneck Island was left wondering what fate hate befallen Coco. Was Coco dog-napped as some initial reports indicated…or perhaps the victim of a roving coyote?

In a Newport summer miracle, it was discovered that Coco had found her way into a nearby home that was vacant at the time. The owner returned today and discovered the dog trapped inside.

Jesse James Responds

Jesse James posted a pic of Coco to social media with the responding Newport Police Officer, Mathew Sardinha, who as of the printing of this article, probably has the most famous mustache of Newport.

So let this be a lesson that sometimes good things do happen.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pet Correspondent

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