Joe Harris Returns To Newport After Circumnavigating The Earth, Solo

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40′ GryphonSolo2¬†circles the world in 152 days.

Joe Harris’ 40′ yacht GryphonSolo2 sailed into Fort Adams 152 days after departing in November.

Joe Harris GryphoneSolo2 newport arrival 2

GryphoneSolo2 pulls up to the dock at Fort Adams.

Joe Harris GryphoneSolo2 newport arrival 1

Do you have anything to declare?
It’s good to be home.


If you’re considering your own circumnavigation of the globe (or you just like champagne), Bridge Liquors has Veuve Cliquot for $52.99 and they’ll deliver, right to the dock.

Congratulations to Joe Harris and to Newport, on the 1 year anniversary of the opening of the Volvo Ocean Race village opening for once again demonstrating why we’re the sailing capital of the world.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sailing Correspondent

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