John Oliver On Public Funding For A New (Pawsox) Stadium

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Well, not that stadium in particular, but public funding for sports in general…and why it’s a bad idea.

Public funds used to subsidize privately-owned sports teams makes a lot of economic sense, if your goal is to make billionaire owners even richer…at the expense of the taxpayers. Basically, the only investment a city can make that’s worse than a professional sports team’s stadium…is that bastion of amateur athletics, hosting the Olympic Games.

In his latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver rips the whole endeavor, where taxpayers actually push their politicians to give away their own money to wealthy team owners who are making tidy profits off of their teams and their fans.

Here in Rhode Island, the new owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox have basically demanded that they get a new stadium in downtown Providence…or else they’ll move the team out of the state. Now, this is Rhode Island, so they can’t actually get us to build them a whole stadium for them, because the state is broke. That hasn’t stopped the new ownership of the Pawsox from asking the state for some funding to sweeten the deal.

Amazingly, Rhode Islanders seem to putting up a bit of resistance. This isn’t due to a lack of affection for sports per se (we could easily see Rhode Islanders gladly shelling out billions to get the Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots relocated here). It’s just that Rhode Islanders have already bought all the magic economy beans(monorails) we can afford…

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Ball Correspondent

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