Kai Bar Vs The Black Pearl In A Battle Chefs Clash (Video)

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Two champion chefs, The Black Pearl’s Dan Knerr and Kai Bar’s Derrick Marquiss, faced off last week in one of the closest fights we’ve seen.

Battle Chefs’ Redemption Season is designed to get some great displays of culinary talent because all of the contestants have done it before. That said, last week’s event was truly a spectacle. Dan Knerr won the third season of Battle Chefs in the fall of 2015. Then Derrick Marquiss, when he was back at Stoneacre Pantry after doing a month at the Revolving Door, took the fourth season in the Spring of 2016. As Battle Chefs events go, it couldn’t be closer or further apart, with Dan Knerr representing Newport’s Old Guard and has spent more time being a chef than some of his competition has spent being alive…and Derrick is the New Blood, ready to flip the establishment on its head.

Right off the bat, you can see the intensity that these two chefs brought to the competition. The timer is set and they just go. What was interesting was the different directions that these chefs went in. Also interesting was how long it took for the judges to make their decisions. It had to take them half as long as the 30 minutes it took the chefs to cook their dishes.

As exciting as it was to be in the thick of this chaotic event, it was also a bit more nerve-wracking than usual, as both chefs were running around a lot fast than the normal participants.

This was just a great event and an amazing display of kitchen talent.

And just a quick reminder that tonight is the the next event featuring Rick Allaire and Champe Speidel!

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Culinary Combat Correspondent

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