Keeping It Real Goes Wrong For Rhode Island Rapper

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Michael Persaud AKA Montana Millz rapped about selling drugs, now faces heroin rap.

If you’re an aspiring performance artist, it’s always a challenge to round the corner away from your day job. Many a folk singer have to spend years waitressing at the diner, waiting for their careers to take off. There’s a problem that arises however, when your “day job” is illegal. Then you’re just broadcasting to the world that you’re a criminal, which is generally a bad idea on the face of it, even more so when you’re a heroin dealer.

Would-be rap star Michael Persuad of Johnston, RI went by the stage name Montana Millz but now it looks like he goes by some Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Prisoner number. Who would have thought that a man who sings a song called “Sell Drugz” actually sold drugs?

Well, at least one undercover cop in Lebanon, PA did some amazing detective work and bought 70 bags of heroin from Persuad and a female accomplice, leading to their arrest Oct. 28. According to NBC10, police then raided the couple’s hotel room and found another 2 ounces, valued at over $11,500.

So that’s pathetic.

There’s a hierarchy when it comes to dealing drugs. If you’re dealing a little weed, no one really cares at this point. Coke dealers always have a little (or a lot of) shadiness about them. But given the number of people dying from heroin overdoses, anyone selling that crap today is basically announcing “I will profit off your upcoming death”.

And that’s not a great image for a musician, no matter how “gangsta” an image they want to portray. Heroin isn’t sexy. It’s ugly and tragic.

On the bright side, at least the track Persuad got busted for was “Sell Drugz” and not this one, featuring a guy named Gunplay and a whole lot of talk on the subject.

What’s really embarrassing for Rhode Island in this situation is that Montana Millz just pulled a Florida Man move.

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pharmaceutical Correspondent

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