Don’t Start Your Kitchen Remodel Until You See This Rhode Island Invention!!!

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A Newport County company has introduced a new product people want in their kitchens the moment they see it.

Kitchen renovation is big in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and throughout the rest of the country. All those kitchen renovations give homeowners a chance to take advantage of new appliances, better cabinets and many new kitchen inventions that have been created since the kitchen was built or last remodelled. One such invention is being built in Rhode Island by a company called Hideaway Solutions. They have created an integrated cabinet step stool called the Step 180 which is likely going to be perfect for your next kitchen remodel.

What is an Integrated Cabinet Step Stool?

It’s this…

Cabinet Step Stool

A step stool that’s integrated into kitchen cabinets, ensuring that it’s always available, even though it only takes up 1 1/2″ in between cabinets. It’s perfect for households with member who are on the vertically challenged side (temporarily or not). With 8′ ceilings now becoming popular, even full-sized adults are finding it a challenge to make use of all of their overhead cabinet space.

The beauty of the concept is that a vertical boost is always available when you need it, but it take up no space when you don’t. The Step 180 can be operated one-handed (or even by foot when you get the hang of it). There’s even a child lock function which can prevent toddlers from being able to open the step stool without their parents’ help.

Waiting for your next kitchen renovation…

Unfortunately, even as compact as Hideaway Solution’s Step 180 is, it has to be installed with a new cabinets, which is typically part of a redo of the whole kitchen. (Apologies to any of you who may have just finished your kitchen remodel and just realized that it really needs a few of these bad boys.)

Kitchen Remodel Cabinet Step Stool

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Designed and built with pride in Rhode Island

Lancelot Pinnock Hideaway Solutions

The Step 180 is the brainchild of lifelong Little Compton resident, Lancelot Pinnock (Full disclosure: our brother). Lancelot is a 1999 graduate of Middletown High School who graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. It was while working on his degree that he became interested in Assistive Technologies. Over the years, he has come up with numerous solutions to interesting home construction challenges, but the Step 180 is the first concept that he has taken from idea to patent to company.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Altitude Correspondent

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