Do You Know Newport’s Playstation Bandit?

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Suspected shoplifter took FIVE Playstation controllers.

Newport Police released the image of a woman suspected of stealing five Playstation controllers from Wal Mart on December 3.

If you know who this suspect is, please call Newport Police Detective Wuest at 401-847-8300 extension 5765 if you have any information.

We have to say that while we might understand why someone might need a new controller or two or three…perhaps four if they want to get everyone into a game, we (and we have to admit some ignorance here, so correct us if we’re wrong) don’t think that there are many Playstation games that 5-6 people can play simultaneously. So we’re going to have to toss this to the “Walk a mile in their shoes” crowd to understand what the point of stealing FIVE Playstation controllers might be, aside from typical greed.

There was a Providence man arrested December 8 at Wal Mart for stealing “a team cap, men’s socks, a Hanes large tee-shirt and a pair of jeans.” That sounds sort of understandable. Not everyone wants to walk all the way to Goodwill for a new outfit. Perhaps he’d arrived from the 2029 naked in a flash of light. But an outfit falls into the realm of necessity. Five Playstation controllers? Not so much.

So we get to spend the holiday season sympathizing with the beginning of The Christmas Carol…

“Are there no prisons?” asked Scrooge.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Police Correspondent

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