Kristina Richards Drops A Hint About Their New Newport Location

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The clothing boutique has closed their East Greenwich branch to focus on a new local venture.

It appears that big things are in store for Kristina Richards Studio, the clothing store currently located on Touro Street, by Washington Square.

Last month, Kristina announced on Facebook that they were closing their East Greenwich location.

Hi everyone,
With mixed emotions we have chosen to move on from our East Greenwich location. We’ve decided to put all of our energy and focus into our Newport location. We started in Newport 14 years ago and know this the right place for us to cultivate our business. We have some new exciting things happening that we cant wait to share with all of you. We want to say thank you to all of our loyal customers that shopped our East Greenwich location and we hope you will continue to follow us to Newport! Now lets get to the good stuff!!! We are having a DRESS TO THE 9’S moving sale in East Greenwich. Everything is $99 or less and prices start at $9!! Come grab the most incredible deals and help us get ready for the move!!! Thanks again to all of you, and we look forward to a bright and beautiful future at Kristina Richards.


Kristina Richarchs Liquidation Scale

(Just a quick reminder that February 28 has come and gone so you won’t be able to take advantage of said sale.)

So what are “some new exciting things happening” that they can’t wait to share with us?

Well, a huge hint was dropped on the @kristinarichardsstudio Instagram feed yesterday…

🙋🏻Hello neighbor!! Hint hint!! #bignews #newport #kristinarichards #empireteaandcoffee #spring2016

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For those of you who might have been out of town for a few years, that is Empire Tea & Coffee’s Bellevue location, meaning that Kristina Richards is moving to Bellevue Avenue…or possibly that bit of Memorial. Or William Street.

Here…here’s the map of the area. You’ll get the idea.

So that’s exciting. Springtime is always a time for renewal, but it feels even more this year in Newport than it has in the past.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Fashion Correspondent

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