The Last Moments Of 95.5 WBRU (Video)

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WBRU, Rhode Island’s proverbial college radio station left the airwaves at 12:02am September 1, 2017. Here’s how they went out.

The last hours of 95.5 FM as WBRU marked the end of a 50 year era in Rhode Island radio. News of the station’s sale to a Christian contemporary music consortium out of California has come as a shock to many who grew up listening to the station.

For many Rhode Islanders, WBRU was college radio. It was the spot to hear The Smiths and The Cure for that group of kids who were rebelling against the mainstream by listening to the same music that everyone else their age rebelling against the mainstream was listening too. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of great music, just that 12-22 year olds have rather uniform ways of making themselves individuals.¬†When the 1990s arrived, the station was in a prime spot when “alternative” music became ascendent. They had kept on doing their thing and suddenly their thing was the biggest music scene going.

Of course, as with most things music-related, the story since the 1990s is mostly one of decline. Today, it’s tough (apparently too tough) to be a radio station in a world where Spotify and Pandora exist, so WBRU has given up the radio gig,

That said if you watch our video, it should be pretty clear that they’re now available online. If you ask Alexa to play WBRU, she’ll do it. If you want to listen to WBRU, just got to their¬†website. They have an App coming. It’s all very 2017.

The digital continuation of the brand was generally ignored by the WBRU DJs took it upon themselves to leave the airwaves with a bang, playing all of their favorite songs and dropping at least one F-bomb on air, because if you’re going to say f**k on the radio, you might as well do it when you’ve got the biggest audience listening in in recent history.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Radio Correspondent

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