The Last Time The Patriots Played The Falcons Was HOW LONG AGO?!?

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The New England Patriots will face the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. A quick glance at the limited history between the teams.

When Tom Brady and the Patriots take to the field in Houston for Super Bowl LI, they’ll be facing a team the New England organization has rarely faced in its history. This presents a challenge and an opportunity for Coach Belichick, because he can watch tape of the Falcons playing other teams this year, but has to go back to¬†September 29, 2013 to see the last time how the Falcons operated against the Patriots. This means the Patriots face a bit of an unknown in two weeks. On the flipside, the Falcons are also somewhat blind in this regard.

Patriots fans can take some comfort in the knowledge that in the four times the team has played the Falcons in the Belichick/Brady era, the Patriots have emerged victorious every time.

Here’s a quick rundown of the history of the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons:

September 24, 1972: Patriots 21, Falcons 20

December 4, 1977: Patriots 26, Falcons 10

September 14, 1980: Falcons 37, Patriots 21

October 30, 1983: Falcons 24, Patriots 13

November 2, 1986: Patriots 25, Falcons 17

October 15, 1989: Falcons 16, Patriots 15

November 29, 1992: Falcons 34, Patriots 0

October 1, 1995: Falcons 30, Patriots 17

November 8, 1998: Falcons 31, Patriots 10

November 4, 2001: Patriots 24, Falcons 10

October 9, 2005: Patriots 31, Falcons 28

September 27, 2009: Patriots 26, Falcons 10

September 29, 2013: Patriots 30, Falcons 23

Overall, the Patriots are 7-6 against the Falcons, but most of those losses came three decades ago, so the Patriots should be pretty confident about their chances.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pigskin Correspondent

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