Latest Poll Reports That NOT ONE PERSON Supports Chafee For President

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Monmouth University Poll reveals absolutely no support for former RI governor.

Lincoln Chafee, previously noted as a Presidential candidate as a strong supporter of the Metric System, has another odd feather to put in his cap. In its latest Presidential campaign poll, Monmouth University registered zero support for the candidate. “Chafee registers no support in the poll.”

Out of a sample of 357 registered Democrats, no one was in Chaffee’s corner. Hillary Clinton had 51%. Bernie Sanders is up to 17%. Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb both received a participation award of 1% each, but that’s still 100% more than Chaffee received. 15% were undecided, but RI’s former Republican Senator probably shouldn’t hold his breath.

The poll had a margin of error of 5.2% which theoretically can only help Chaffee, as there’s no possibility of negative support. In that margin of error, you’ll find a few people who believe that Linc is the best person for the job. Examples likely include: Lincoln Chafee, his wife Stephanie, their three children…and hopefully anyone directly employed by his campaign.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Political Correspondent

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