Lincoln Chafee’s April Fools Is Eight Days Late

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Former RI Governor wants to run for President; beat a woman.

It’s not every day that Rhode Island wakes up to as much of a “WTF” moment as we did today as we learned that our former governor and US Senator Lincoln Chafee thinks he might have the chops to take the White House.

This is that moment in high school when the most intellectually devoid slacker you knew announced that they were thinking of becoming a doctor. You knew that it wasn’t going to happen…but there’s that terrifying thought in the back of your mind “What if…”

Chafee does have the advantage of a national media who seem to give every Presidential candidate a blank slate when they take the national stage. It’s an odd phenomenon, given the amount of power these candidates seek to wield, that their political careers are almost entirely ignored. Howard Dean was the rather moderate governor of Vermont before just transforming into the darling of the Left Wing of the Democrat Party. Meanwhile, Chafee was a REPUBLICAN Senator who seems to be situating himself to the left of Hillary Clinton so he can take her to task on her vote FOR the Iraq War. He told Rhode Island Public Radio that he thinks that Hillary is “beatable”.

Chafee’s pitch to the nation is that he led Rhode Island out of the Great Recession. For those of us who lived in Rhode Island through the Great Recession, who saw our unemployment rate spend most of his term as the highest in the nation, we’re reminded of an old Lewis Black bit on Bill Clinton:

I never thought that Bill Clinton should be the president. When he was running to be the president of the United States, he said on over a hundred occasions, he said the following: He said, ‘One of the great accomplishments while I was the governor of Arkansas, was to take my state in education from 50th to 49th.’ And I thought, ’ you know, Bill, you should keep that a secret.

Likewise, Chafee’s “concerns” about instability in the Middle East aren’t exactly a platform voters can get behind.

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The biggest thing that Chafee has going for him? He’s more popular outside of Rhode Island than within the state, which means our small size and shrinking population actually help his chances.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Political Correspondent

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