LinkedIn: Meat Market Or Not?

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Should you be macking on the “Professional” social network?

This is something that’s had us scratching our head for over a year now, and as best as we can tell, it’s a one-way street. Guys are messaging their female contacts on LinkedIn to hit on them and ask for dates. After an informal survey, we think it’s safe to say that it’s not likely to be a successful tactic…and more worrying, it’s very likely for women to add it to their grievance list of “Crap Men Did To Us This Year”.

The reaction to “Has anyone hit on you over LinkedIn before?” is less “Yeah, it happens” and more “That JUST happened to me and the guy was such a CREEP!!!”

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The problem is, of course, that LinkedIn is a professional networking site. It’s where everyone, even clowns (but especially women), put their best foot forward. This is why it’s kind of lame and most people don’t spend a lot of time there. It’s lots of professional headshots and articles about motivation and marketing and the occasional anti-Trump article, followed by numerous comments asking why it’s on LinkedIn.

Of course, it’s almost entirely about carefully cultivated self-promotion in a professional setting.


Everything’s picture-perfect.

Which is likely why women find it so offensive for guys to ask them out of drinks on LinkedIn. They have numerous avenues to express themselves sexually. They’re taking selfies seeking the world’s approval on Instagram, then sharing those on Facebook and Twitter. The cream of that crop make it to Tinder. These are all ways to make yourself look good and get adoration. It’s the same if you’re out having a good time at a bar or club. It’s fine to offer to buy someone you’ve never met a drink because it’s an accepted part of the game and a norm in those surroundings.

Meanwhile, hitting on someone on LinkedIn, especially given how the guys who do it do it, is a more abrupt affair. It comes across like getting on a RIPTA bus first thing in the morning, walking up to a woman saying “I know two of your college professors,  your high school friend Kim and your former co-worker Steve. Do you want to give me a handjob?” Even if Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake were to pull that, there’s no woman that’s going to think ‘This isn’t creepy at all.’ If an average-looking guys tries it, he’s getting pepper sprayed.

In Conclusion

Perhaps the guys who are pulling this stuff are just playing a numbers game, but even so, LinkedIn is just a horrible way to go about it. Why not trying jumping on Tinder and swiping right on every girl in a five mile radius?

To answer the question, no LinkedIn isn’t a meat market. Stop using it to hit on people. If you see someone you like, offer them a job, hire them, then get drunk at the company Christmas party and hit on them there. Some of you may think that sounds like a big waste of time, and typically we’d agree, but we think it’s got a better chance of success than the “Just graduated college? Let me buy you a drink sometime…” route.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Social Media Correspondent

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