What You’ll Be Listening To St.Patrick’s Day Morning…If Ya Know What’s Good For Ya

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DJ Face gives us a preview of Saturday’s Parade Day performance with this mashup.

There’s a problem with the music world today that everyone has been dealing with since the whole MP3 revolution removed most limits on one’s ability to listen to as much music as possible. You can take in pretty much any music you want to whenever you want.

There are two limiting factors: Time and Attention Span.

Fortunately, The Face Show has found a way to compress all the music you like into a much shorter time frame…all the while taking the songs you’ve heard a thousand times before and making them a little more interesting. It’s all about making your songs…well, as the candy industry calls it, “fun-sized”…then putting combinations in your mouth that you’d never considered before.

This Saint Patrick’s Day Party mix tape is perfect to start cranking at 8am when you’re waking up, grabbing your first drink (choose wisely) and jumping in the shower.

If you’re liking what you’re hearing, then we highly recommend heading down to @The Deck on Waite’s Wharf, where DJ Face will be on the turntables from 10 am right up until the neighbors have had enough and call the cops.


So that sounds fun. Do you think you kids might enjoy that? You don’t have to go. No one will be upset. But we’re guessing you might wanna. Just sayin’.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Music Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?