Local Startup Announces Product Launch Amid Newport’s Most Chaotic Year

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The mōte “Chillbox” has just been launched on Kickstarter.

Covid, unemployment at an all-time high, a country up in arms…what better time to launch a new company? Local entrepreneur Stephen Ramponi has done just that. After a year of hard work and development, Steve has just launched his startup company’s new product from its headquarters in Newport RI.

A next generation pillbox that Steve refers to as a “Chillbox” has gotten some early positive response from the public. A social media campaign started months ago has generated curiosity and interest for mōte and they’ve built a bit of a following on Instagram and Facebook.

He is hoping his recent invention mōte helps people feel their best allowing they to always have their most essential life care products on them 24/7 while taking up virtually no space. It is so thin and small it slides into most wallets (never mind any purse or bag) allowing its owner to always have access to what they need when they need it.

Back this project now and you can get discounts and your own Chillboxes once manufacturing begins!

Who is Stephen Ramponi?

Stephen Ramponi, aka @TheNewportGuy on the Insta, has had some successful ventures in the past but most proud of his efforts to provide thousands of meals to local families with his “Buckets of Love” idea, bringing together Winner Winner and the Newport Boys and Girls Club. Ramponi was also the first Newport landlord to lower rents for his commercial tenants when Covid struck. Steve has also worked with the MLK Center by kicking off donation challenge, offering contribution matches and more.

Steve is happiest bringing together his passion for cars and helping others by organizing car rallies in Newport where all proceeds go to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Newport. We captured a small part of one of Steve’s rally’s back in 2016…

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