Lower Broadway Will Be Seized By IPA Madness Wednesday Night

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Stone Brewing Company will be infusing Newport’s most eclectic street with hops with a twin tap takeover.

We have to admit that Stone is one of our favorite craft beer breweries (though we’re probably in pretty good company there). Founded in 1996, this IPA-focused brewery has been an industry leader, pushing the edge of the envelope since its inception. About 10 years ago, Stone had created one of the most formidable hoppy lineups in the beer world, with their Pale Ale, IPA and the legendary Ruination.

Then, starting a couple years back, recognizing that the market (and most hop-heads’ palates) had escalated up the IBU chart, they started taking well-established beers off the market.

They’d basically put half their lineup in prison, giving them a chance to beef up…all while getting very bitter. Then they were reintroduced to an unsuspecting society.

Now they have a little event they’re holding in Newport tonight.

IPA Madness Event Broadway Newport

IPA Madness is taking place at two bars tonight. That means lots of Stone IPAs…and Stone glassware to take home with you!


PJs is going to have four Stone beers on tap.

The Enjoy By 4.20.16 IPA

enjoy byThe Enjoy By series is Stone’s version of “Born On” dating, except it has an ultimatum. Always incredibly danky, the Enjoy Bys are not to be missed. You may be wondering if the dates are always so…interesting. The answer is YES.

Stone IPA Nitro

This is kind of a big deal, this beer is the leather-bound books and rich mahogany of the night because the first and only two kegs of IPA Nitro in Rhode Island are at this event.

Stone Delicious IPA

bottleA 7.7% ABV IPA with El Dorado and Lemondrop hops, the Stone Delicious IPA is notable not only for tasting good…but for having reduced gluten.

With the addition of an enzyme from San Diego-based White Labs called Clarity-Ferm, gluten protein chains are broken down, separated and denatured to measure below 20 parts per million. This process, which is initiated during the beer’s fermentation, does not affect its color or, more importantly, its wonderful aroma and decidedly delicious flavor.

Stone Pataskala Red X IPA

stone-palaskala-redThis heavily dry-hopped, citrus-forward IPA stands out with its crimson hue, courtesy of BEST Red X, a specialty German malt used to give a fuller flavor and reddish color. This unique malt imparts biscuit and toffee character that intertwine with the vibrant citrus and tropical fruit flavors from the Mosaic, Amarillo and Cascade hops.

Named in honor of Stone co-founder Greg Koch’s Ohio hometown, this IPA was brewed as a thank-you to the residents for their support of a levy to protect local education and extracurricular activities. Now that this beer served a greater purpose in the Buckeye State, we are proud to share it with all of our fans.

Tavern On Broadway

A few doors down it’s the same lineup except instead of the Delicious IPA, they have…

Stone Go To IPA

GoToIPA_thumbStone Go To IPA is 4.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and, therefore, considered a “session” beer. Session beers are defined as ales or lagers below five percent ABV, which allows for greater drinkability within a reasonable stretch of time. Stone Go To IPA is a very refreshing beer, loaded with intense peach, citrus and melon aromas and all the complex hop flavor that Stone IPAs are known for…meaning, it’s a hop bomb.

Fun starts at 7pm. See you there.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

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