Marc Allen’s Summer Sale Continues Through Sept. 12

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Marc Streisand, owner and president of Marc Allen Fine Clothiers, has had a fantastic summer in Newport with his new location on Bellevue Avenue.

“Opening up in a place like Newport has been something I’ve wanted to do for about eight years,” Streisand shares. “I actually tried right before the recession, in a very similar location—the end store with the mural right off Memorial—but it fell through last minute.”

“A blessing in disguise, I guess.”

Marc Allen Fine Clothiers Volvo Ocean Race Window

One of the many impressive Marc Allen window displays on Bellevue Avenue during the Volvo Ocean Race

Originally based out of Providence, R.I., the menswear specialty store has experienced tremendous growth over the past two years. In addition to opening the Newport location, Streisand has opened a showroom in Boston and expanded the Providence flagship store to become the ultimate man-cave, complete with a custom bar and lounge.

Streisand opens up what sets Marc Allen apart from the rest and why it’s still worth stopping in the summer sale in Newport:

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What makes Marc Allen, specifically the Newport store, so special?

We design about 60% of the product in the store ourselves—we source the fabric, make the look, and then have either a local factory make the garments or go to Italy or Canada.

The brands that we do carry are exclusive to us and us alone. Therefore, no one else in Newport, or the state of Rhode Island will have what we have. It’s a specialty store, we believe we need to have special items.

What we have tried to do is follow suit of our Providence location, and make the time at the shop more of an experience, rather than just a typical clothing store shopping for clothing trip.

It’s more about enjoying the time you’re here, and as a by-product, finding some great items to enhance your wardrobe.

In addition, we are more influenced by the European, and more specifically, classic Italian culture—their attention to detail, style, fabric and fit separates them from the rest of the world.


Why is the M.A. Newport’s summer sale the perfect time to stop in the store?

I have to be honest, it’s not the perfect time to stop in.

I say that because you’re not getting the pick of the litter—many of the sizes are already gone—but we have brought some of our Providence merchandise down, so there are plenty of amazing items to choose from that have never been seen in Newport.

On the other hand, we do have a section of some of the new items we have for fall and winter, so you get a jumpstart on everyone else who is coming in to look for our newest selections.

What are some of your favorite pieces that are on sale?

That’s a hard questions to answer, but I’ll let you know my thoughts on some. We have a fantastic Nylon blazer from Baldassari out of Italy that I love, it’s got a great sophisticated look with a zip out collar and is waterproof.

Also, we have some shirts that we made up—locally I might add—that are spectacular because the linen we made them from is called handkerchief linen, so it’s very soft and drapy. Lastly, there are some trousers and pants left made in amazing fabrications: linen silk and wool, and even wool and cotton…love them.

Marc Allen Fine Clothiers is located on 142 Bellevue Avenue in Newport. Visit their website to learn more about the brand and their latest news.