Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong

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If you’re asking someone to marry you, try not to put everyone’s lives in danger.

We love adding “again” to our snarky comments. The word tends to make whatever you say more amplified and cutting.

For example, if you see a guy you know talking to a girl you want to get with you could walk up and ask “Hey man, weren’t you just arrested for soliciting a prostitute?” and then wandering off. Now, the guy can at this point feign ignorance or explain how it was a misunderstanding where he got lost and was asking for directions.


If you say “Hey man, weren’t you just arrested for soliciting a prostitute…AGAIN?” then the guy’s done for.

What does this have to do with a marriage proposal gone wrong? A couple things. Tangentially, it happened in the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal. Second, it just goes to show how very wrong things went in this incident. The AP reports:

The unidentified lover in the central town of Ijsselstein rented a crane, planning to descend in front of his girlfriend’s bedroom window first thing Saturday morning, play her a song and then pop the question. Instead the crane toppled over, smashing a large hole in the neighbors’ roof.

The man clambered to safety and no one was injured.

According to the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper, the girlfriend said “yes” anyway. After speaking with police, the pair traveled to Paris to celebrate.

Then the crane fell again during attempts to right it with a larger crane, bashing in the rest of the neighbors’ roof. The town’s mayor is on the spot after the building was declared unsafe. Six apartments were evacuated.

Apparently, neither half of this couple realized that over-the-top wedding proposals are supposed to be a red flag…and this time of year, you’re supposed to go with smart and warm when you show up bearing a ring.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Heavy Equipment Correspondent

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