Massachusetts Woman Assaults Police Station With Bacon

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Framingham nursing student makes misguided attempt to “feed the pigs”.

In the last two weeks, Massachusetts has been giving Florida’s position as the nation’s bizarre news source a run for its money. First, a Westport used car dealership stiffed a pizza guy of his tip…and posted the security video of the incident online so that the world could know to hate them…which we did. Then Thursday morning, Occupy Boston emerged from their wealthy parents’ suburban homes  to shut down rush hour on I-93 in a rather roundabout way to stop police brutality.

Then the Patriots won the AFC Championship and we thought for a moment that all this negativity was behind us. Then we learned of Deflate-Gate and that the woman who Vince Wilfork pulled out of a crashed SUV one-handed had drunk 9 beers at the Gillette Stadium.

Now this utterly random video appears of a 24-year old nursing student walking into the Framingham police station carrying a Dunkin Donuts box. It was a ruse, however. She screamed, “It’s time to feed the pigs!!!” and the dispatch discovered that she didn’t have donuts in the box, but raw bacon as she began throwing it at them.

Now, we’d just like to point out at this point that if you’re going to feed pigs anything, bacon is really an odd choice. Pigs will eat anything…and we mean anything, but thinking that they’re up for cannibalism seems to make a lot of assumptions.

The reaction of the chubby, bearded guy is priceless. As soon as he realizes what’s happening he whips out his phone and starts shooting, because he realizes that no one’s going to believe what he’s witnessing without photographic proof.

We’re hoping this is all just a phase and Massachusetts will stop trying to be Florida in the near future, though if this is a path the state is determined to go down, we’ll sit on the border, eating popcorn.

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Breakfast Correspondent

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