McDonald’s Scrap + MMA Announcers = Guilty Pleasure

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This McDonald’s employee put up one hell of a fight.

Street fights, or more specifically, fast-food fights, are a facet of modern life that just wasn’t explored before the proliferation of cellphone cameras. Before everyone in a McDonald’s after midnight could break out a Virgin Mobile HTC Desire, the only folks with cameras was the owner of the franchise, and if you asked him to see them, he would have told you that he had no idea what you were talking about, there was never any fights or violence at his establishment and to get off his property before he kicked your teeth in.

Interestingly enough, it’s the guys and gals who are making minimum wage who are the most willing to put up a fight. If you go into a bank with a shotgun, the bank manager will gladly hand you some cash. If you try to rip off a McDonald’s be prepared for a fight.


It’s a matter of self-respect. A bank manager is comfortable. He has a nice paycheck, a house, probably a family, the respect of the community…and that’s where he derives his self-worth.

If you’re working at a fast food joint, life isn’t comfortable. The pay sucks, you have to live at your mom’s, you don’t have a family because no one wants to have sex with you and people making a dollar more an hour look down their noses at you. But you do have a job and you’ll be damned if some jackass is going to steal from you while you’re working it. The McDonald’s worker who will scrap is allowed some self-respect. The guy who watches some unemployed thug just steal something and watches him drive away? That’s a real loser.

Of course, with big companies like McDonald’s, it’s quite likely that the employee who puts up a fight will get fired. Fortunately, for the guy in the video above, even if he got fired, his moment of glory will never be forgotten.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Brawling Correspondent

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