Memorial Day Weekend In Newport: What It’s Not

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May’s long weekend gives Newporters a taste of what’s to come…but “The Season” isn’t here yet.

We’ve long described the summer in Newport as a roller coaster ride. One starts at Memorial Day and sits in anticipation as you slowly get pulled towards the top, then you go into free-fall at the Fourth of July, there’s an incredible rush, you go through loops and you’re completely disoriented when it all comes to a crashing halt Labor Day weekend.

“The Season”

“The Season” is a two-tier concept. There is the overall tourist season in Newport, which runs from April through (depending who you talk to) October or December. Then there’s “The Season” when the town gets a little crazy for a few months. That season goes from the third week of June (when the kids have gotten out of school), through to the end of August (when they go back to school). That’s what everyone thinks of when they walk about summer in Newport. Parking lots are charging $30 a car and are still completely full. Your favorite┬ábars are filled to the brim with people you don’t know. Half of Aquidneck Island residents refuse to cross the city line for fear of traffic and tourists.

Memorial Day Weekend

If you notice, we said the real season starts the third week of June…and that’s a few weeks after Memorial Day. It’s true. Every year, too many Newporters have it in their head that Memorial Day Weekend is going to take us straight into “Fourth of July during Tall Ships” mode…and every year they’re disappointed.

Memorial Day weekend is more of a dress rehearsal for the summer. If you own a business, you want to have it fully staffed and that staff to be trained…but if things go wrong, you have a couple weeks to fix the issues before it’s too late.

Meet the neighbors.

Memorial Day Weekend is also a big moving time. The Salve renters are moving out and the summer renters are moving in. If you’re moving in and have a tendency for late night shenanigans, it’s probably a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors and offer up your phone number. That way there’s a chance they’ll call you before they call the cops when you’re partying too loudly at 3am in the middle of July.

Besides, they may be just the girls or guys you’re looking for to join in those shenanigans.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Weekend Correspondent

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