Mike Smith: “The Empire Of The Status Quo” Is Crumbling

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RI State Rep Candidate Mike Smith predicts that primary upsets are a sign of things to come in this election.

Responding to the “stunning” upsets that occurred during yesterday’s primary election that resulted in three entrenched and powerful members of the House and two from the Senate being removed from office Mike Smith, Independent candidate for House District 75 released the following statement:

“Yesterday was a very good day for Rhode Island taxpayers all across the state. It was also a very bad day for the political insiders who think they can ignore the wishes, desires and even pleas of their constituents for real change.” Stated Smith

“Rhode Islanders sent a powerful message to all political insiders that their wishes for change have now become a demand for change. For months and even years we have been asking our elected officials to not force tolls upon us; to reveal the perpetrators behind the 38 Studios scandal and to do the hard work necessary to reform our economic and educational systems so that Rhode Island no longer remains one of the worst states in the nation in both areas.

“To date we have been ignored, disrespected and used by politicians more committed to voting to promote the Speaker’s interests instead of ours; of which my opponent, freshman Representative Lauren Carson is perhaps the biggest offender of all.” Stated Smith.

“In the coming weeks, as I begin to reveal the facts, that my opponent wants hidden, people in District 75 will realize that for the past two years they have had literally NO representation in the state house. This is because my opponent is completely controlled by the Speaker. This is evidenced by the documented fact that she votes the way he votes in excess of 99% of the time on key issues. Whether it’s to force tolls upon us; to vote against an independent investigation into 38 Studios or to cut support to Charter Schools, Carson consistently votes for the Speaker while voting against her constituents.

“I know that being given the honor of representing District 75 is more than about having small constituent meetings and giving lip service to how things must change. It is about doing the tough work necessary to not only challenge the “Empire of the Status Quo” but to topple it and in doing so, return the State House back to being the People’s House. The bottom line is that I am running as an Independent because I am independent,” concluded Smith.