Letter To The Editor: Mike Smith Is A Rare Type Of Rhode Island Candidate

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In the campaign for Rhode Island Distict 13 Senate Seat, Luis Vargas sees something different in Mike Smith.

As a hispanic kid in the South Side of Providence, I grew up with two types of politicians in plain view. There were the David Cicillines who made promises they knew they could not keep, and there were the Joseph Almeidas, who never seemed to be around and who certainly never knocked on my family’s door. Our family’s support and vote had and always has been taken for granted. It is for this reason that I ran for state representative myself, and it is for this reason that I truly appreciate when I meet someone running for office who cares and works diligently for their community.

Without a doubt, Mike Smith is one of those people. I first met Mike Smith in early 2014 when we were collecting signatures outside of one of the Newport Stop & Shops to pass a line-item veto in Rhode Island – we were getting signatures in the Senate President’s district to pressure her into passing the legislation. Mike Smith had never met me, nor the group we had collected to gather signatures, but he saw the event on facebook and showed up ready to knock on doors. Good government was important to him then, and it is just as important to him now. That’s why I got involved in his campaign.

Jamestown and Newport have an immense opportunity to elect someone of great character, humility, and reason this election – an opportunity I envy as my councilman, Luis Aponte, fights off handcuffs after yet another providence politician scandal. I hope you seize that opportunity and vote Mike Smith as your next State Senator in District 13.

Luis Vargas is a 24-year old married resident of Providence. He is also a former candidate for State Representative in District 12, as well as the Campaign Manager for Mike Smith.