More Snow? Why Good News For The Rest Of New England Means Bad News For Southern Rhode Island

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Two more snowstorms may spare Boston but not Newport.

Because Mother Nature is intent on driving up property values in Miami and San Diego, we have predictions for two more “snow events” in the next five days. The good news for folks in Boston and the like is that the bulk of these storms are passing by to the south, off the coast. For those of you who are students of geography, that means that Newport and southern Rhode Island will bear the brunt of these storms.

The first is going to hit late Thursday and is most likely only going to bring 1-3″, which is basically enough to annoy you and make things generally irritating.

As best as we can tell, this week’s Sunday night blizzard is actually going to jump the gun and start up late Saturday night.

Valentine's Day Storm

Regardless of it being Valentine’s Day, it’s probably best that no one make any comments about how romantic the snow is, lest their partner or anyone else who overheard them might stick that rose somewhere the thorns will be really difficult to remove.

The weather-guessers aren’t sure of the exact track that the second storm will take, but it’s safe for Newport to expect another 4-6″…on top of what we’ll already have lying on the ground.

So that’s fun.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Seasonal Affective Disorder Correspondent

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