The Name GOAT ISLAND Has A Whole New Meaning

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Newport’s Goat Island just got a whole lot cooler…if you’re a Patriots fan.

Goat Island’s name has always been a source of somewhat undo curiosity to Newport’s visitors. Yes, the island was used as a goat pasture back around 1658 when the Narragansetts sold the island to the colonists. No, for those hoping to find an island in the middle of Narragansett Bay covered in goats, there hasn’t been a meaningful goat population on the island for centuries.

Drinks at Pineapples NewportThe history of the island has been less about actual goats and more about lighthouses, pirate executions and torpedo factories (and more recently, wedding receptions and sunsets from Pineapples).

So for most Newporters, Goat Island is simply ubiquitous. It’s that chunk of land that blocks your view of Jamestown when you look west. The problem humans have is that when something is a constant, they stop thinking about it in new and interesting ways. This is why it can take a visitor’s eye to notice something that a local is blind to.

Fortunately, Fitzie from Townie News rolled into Newport for a wedding at The Newport Experience’s Regatta Place and had this observation…

If you don’t recognize the name Fitzie, you probably have seen his videos, where he acts as, depending on your team affiliation, the best or worst Masshole Pats fan on the planet.

Of course, for Patriots super-fans, it’s doubtful they realize that goats are even an animal at this point. They just think “Greatest Of All Time” when they see it. On a related note, one might wonder what they think goat milk is.

Regardless, we’re happy in the knowledge that Goat Island was named after Tom Brady, ~319 years before his birth.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast GOAT Correspondent

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