Prime Suspect In Big Blue Bug Case Named By Police

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Nathan Beaumier likes inking his boys and kissing snakes, two things he he’ll be able to do a lot of at the ACI.

Earlier today, Providence Police announced that they have an arrest warrant for their prime suspect in a vandalism case involving Rhode Island’s Big Blue Bug. Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Nathan Beaumier is asked to contact Detective Kenneth Court at (401) 243-6330 or Detective Sergeant William Dwyer at (401) 243-6380.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to forward this photo over to Trump’s ICE, we’re guessing they’ll start the deportation proceedings immediately, preventing Nathan Beaumier from ever setting foot in the United States, let alone the Ocean State, again.

Nathan Beaumier Big Blue Bug vandal

Just make sure that it’s the correct person with “a cross tattooed on his cheek”. If you lead with just that description, the RI Department of Corrections is liable to announce that they already have the suspect in custody and there’s 100 of him.

In related news, the Big Blue Bug was repainted earlier today, rendering Beaumier’s graffiti a lot less permanent than his other “artwork.”

Big Blue Bug Repainted

We’re guessing with all this publicity, Nathan’s time outside of law enforcement custody is limited, if not already over. Rhode Islanders have an affection for their landmarks and aren’t likely to let those who deface them off very easily.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pest Correspondent

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