Naval War College Professor Goes On #NeverTrump Twitter Tirade

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Tom Nichols is a national security expert, a contributor to The Federalist and a five-time Jeopardy champion.

Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols

Being well-versed in international affairs is a lot like owning a china shop. There are a lot of delicate things that you’ve spent a long time studying the nuances of…and then every four years a couple bulls come running through. One of our greatest gripes about Presidential elections is that it’s a position whose greatest power is in the international arena, while the electorate generally chooses candidates based on a domestic agenda they will have a much harder time getting implemented, given the checks and balances they face on the home front.

If you look back in recent history, America hasn’t elected a President with foreign affairs experience since 1988 and foreign affairs haven’t been much of an election issue since 2004.

Now Newport has been put on the map in this election cycle as Naval War College professor Tom Nichols has taken to Twitter to explain that while he despises Hillary Clinton, he feels that Donald Trump would be a disaster for the country, given his unstable nature.

Naturally, this kicked off a bit of a firestorm on Twitter…and the blogosphere, with lots of accusations that Nichols is a closet liberal and plenty of anti-intellectualism to boot.

So that’s fun.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Foreign Policy Correspondent

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