New England Patriots Season Opener Drinking Game

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After nine months of Deflategate drama, it’s time to watch the Pats play the Steelers and have a drink…or 25.

Here we are. After eight months of controversy designed to tarnish the Super Bowl victory, we have Tom Brady starting for the Patriots regular season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you don’t have a grand riding on the game, you might need a way to make it more interesting. Our suggestion?

Grab a bunch of alcohol and play this drinking game. As always, we recommend you use Pour Judgement.

  • Patriots score a touchdown…1 drink500x305-20131103-brady-run
  • Patriots score a touchdown on their first possession…3 drinks
  • Patriots score a touchdown on their first possession with a pass from Brady to Gronk…Finish your drink
  • It rains…2 drinks (Bit Of An Inside Joke)
  • Announcer says “Brady”…1 drink
  • Announcer says “Gronk”…1 drink
  • Announcer mentions Goodell…3 drinks
  • Edelmann makes a catch…1 drink
  • Gronk breaks a tackle…2 drinksPatriots tackle Steeler
  • Gronk spikes the ball after scoring a touchdown…1 drink
  • Roethlisberger gets intercepted…3 drinks
  • Roethlisberger gets sacked…3 drinks
  • Roethlisberger completes a 60+ yard pass from outside the pocket…2 drinks
  • Belichick SMILES…Finish your drinkSuper Bowl XLVI - Media Day
  • Announcer mentions Spygate…1 drink
  • Michael Vick completes a pass…1 drink
  • Michael Vick scrambles for a touchdown…3 drinks
  • Every Touchdown Brady scores after 3…2 drinks
  • Mention of a “mercy rule”…2 drinks
  • Patriots win…1 drink
  • Steelers win…finish your drink and start a fight with whoever’s closest
  • Roger Goodell makes a surprise appearance…Finish your drink, grab the drink of the person next to you and finish theirs.

If you find yourself fully clothed and can clearly remember how the game ended up, there’s a good chance you did it wrong.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Football Correspondent

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