The Newport Bar At Which To Celebrate National Grand Marnier Day

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While it’s Newport, RI’s universal standard issue shot, there’s one place that is the city’s Grand Marnier bar.

Grand Marnier is one of those liquors that’s so very close to perfection, it’s got its own day. America’s National Grand Marnier Day, oddly enough, coincides nicely with France’s Bastille Day, so we get to enjoy Frenchness on both sides of the Atlantic. So if you’re a lover of Grand Marnier and you happen to be in Newport on July 14th, you need to stop by Benjamin’s Raw Bar and order yourself and your friends a round of “shorties”.

The Grand Marnier Bottle Club

Benjamin's Raw Bar Newport, RINot only does Benjamin’s Raw Bar have plenty of Grand Marnier on hand, they also have a club one can join where you get your own personal bottle. It’s numbered and pencilled into their registry so it will be waiting for you whenever you stop by for some. If your bottle in finished you’ll purchase another one…or face the possibility of losing your number. If you’re in the club long enough, the pencil scratches denoting your status can be replaced with ink, representing your permanent membership.

Club membership is currently closed, but don’t let that stop you from inquiring at the bar when a spot might open up.

When Benjamin’s gets dangerous.

Benjamin’s Raw Bar is one of Newport’s big after-shift spots for the rest of the restaurant industry. They serve food until midnight, so it’s a popular spot to grab a bite and have a few drinks after working the dinner shift at one of Newport’s downtown restaurants.

The trouble arises on, say a Sunday night, when a lot of people have the day off on Monday and are flush with tips from working all weekend. That’s when the rounds of Grand Ma’ shorties start showing up and is the best explanation you have for why you were found naked in that tree.

Anyhow, have a happy Grand Marnier Day…and try not to overdo it.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Orange Peel & Cognac Correspondent

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