Newport Bartenders Featured In “White Collar Brawlers” Reality Show

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Charles Cooper and Chauncey Tanton Get In The Ring On The Esquire Network.

If you’ve been a Newport barhopper in the last few years, you’ll probably recognize Charles “Chuck” Cooper. He’s been behind the bar at One Pelham East, Norey’s Bar & Grille and most recently, The Wharf Pub. Like Chuck, Chauncy Tanton has spent some time behind the bar at Norey’s.

Now, to be honest, these are two guys who I’d never have picked to back me up in a brawl. Better than no one, sure…but there are a long list of Green Berets, Marines I served with, a few black belts and all those girls I know with pepper spray on their keychains who would probably have been higher on the list than these two.

That’s what piques our interest about this second season of White Collar Brawlers…and it’s kind of the premise of the show; a masculine inversion of My Fair Lady…with a lot less singing and a whole lot more body-blows. Instead of introducing upper-class elocution to a Cockney flower girl, guys in ties get caught up on the violence they missed out on by not growing up on the mean streets of NYC.

Season starts October 14th on the Esquire Network.

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