Newport Benefactor Offers Challenge On MLK Center’s Depleted Pantry

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They need your help to match his offer.

This afternoon, Newport Patch reported that without a new influx of provisions, their pantry would be empty within the next two months. Food donations to both the MLK Center’s Food Pantry and its main supplier, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank have been in decline.

Fortunately, Newport entrepreneur, philanthropist and noted Porsche enthusiast Steve Ramponi has come forward with a challenge offer that should leave them in good standing as we head into the holidays.

He’s offered up $1000 if 10 people will donate $100 each to match his challenge. Two grand can buy a lot of non-perishable food and the MLK Center will be able to put it all to good use, considering they’ve already served up 106,000 meals so far this year.

If you don’t have the spare C-Note burning a hole in your wallet, food donations are more than welcome! Marilyn Warren, the Pantry’s director, has asked for these types of food specifically:

  • Canned Meats (Chicken, SPAM, salmon, tuna, hash, chili)
  • Prepared Soups (esp. Progresso, Chunky)
  • Cereals and Oatmeal
  • Side dishes (rice, pasta, stuffing, potato)
  • Canned fruit in juice, not syrup
  • Canned veggies (esp. peas, mixed veg, creamed corn and beets)
  • Jelly/Jam
  • Juices/Coffee/Tea
  • Miscellaneous but Rare (mayo, ketchup, mustard, baking items, cooking oils, salad dressings, spices).

So everyone please do what you can to help Newport County’s less fortunate. After all, winter is coming.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Charity Correspondent

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