Newport Named One Of America’s Best Small Cities Of 2017 By Conde Nast

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Newport, RI places among the top 15 cities with under one million people.

We’ve always thought that Newport is a great city, but we’ve always wondered if we suffered from some kind of confirmation bias. After all, no matter how crappy a municipality might be, there are always people claiming that it’s the best place on Earth. With our City-By-The-Sea however, we know that it’s a nice place. There’s a vast chunk of the year when we have people who wander around the town and tell us how much they like it here. We have felt rather secure in Newport’s greatness, especially when we have friends come in from the hottest cities in the country and tell us what an amazing community we live in. Now 300,000 Conde Nast readers have told us what we’ve long suspected…that ours is one of the best small cities in America.

Newport’s population swells in the summer, as crowds head to one of the Northeast’s most popular summer destinations. Avoid the rush by planning strategically: walk along Sachuest Point instead of the busier Cliff Walk; head to the Vanderbilt Roof Deck for sunset drinks; and make sure to reserve meals (even on Sundays) at farm-to-table spots like the oh-so-good Castle Hill. – Conde Nast

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If you want to take a gander at the other 14 cities that made the list, feel free. It’s full of, in our opinion, far larger cities with a lot more on their plates. After all, there’s a long way to go between Newport’s 26,000 people and the million cap Conde Nast put on their category. That’s not to say that Newport doesn’t compete. It’s just that there’s a very different character between places like our city and Aspen…and, say, Portland, Oregon. For instance, Newport doesn’t have suburbs.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast National Press Correspondent

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