Newport Can Now Forget ‘A Christmas To Remember’

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The Good News: We have ten-eleven months to find somewhere else to buy Christmas tree decorations.

There are a lot of Newport businesses that everyone looks at and thinks “If only I had thought of that thirty years ago, I’d have a goldmine today”. We’re looking at you, Brick Alley Pub.

However, there are also always a few businesses that everyone looks at and wonders “How the hell does that even exist?” For years, we looked at Sea Fare’s American Cafe (now The Barking Crab) and wondered why no one had pulled the plug on what was obviously a money-hemorrhaging venture. Eventually, the place did close, but long after it had ceased to be financially viable.

However, there are always a few places that open up and we just think “Nope.”

More often than not, we’re right.

The latest example was when someone opened up a Christmas decoration shop in the building previously occupied by Potter & Co., who, after almost a century, found the rent in the upper Thames location to be cost-prohibitive. Potter & Co., for those of you who don’t remember, sold clothing, which was rotated with the seasons to ensure that it had a relevant product for its customers.

There may be greater mismatches than a store which is all about Christmas in a town where most retailers┬ámake their profits during three short summer months, but we’re hoping that they have all been shut down in the suggestion phase.

The Newport Ditch

A few weeks back, employees at A Christmas To Remember were told that the store would be closing down for a couple weeks. That makes sense. Lots of Newport businesses take a break in January. Not too many skip town.

A Christmas To Remember closed

Now, A Christmas To Remember is going to be that little bit of Newport trivia where everyone says “I forget…what was in that spot after Potter?”

Fortunately, the place wasn’t named “Endless Christmas”, otherwise we’re not sure we could survive the irony.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Holiday Correspondent

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