Newport Cops Have Been Shooting Fish In A Barrel On The Second-Floor Of Motel 6

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Fugitives keep jumping out of windows, landing in police custody.

Criminals from all over Rhode Island keep flocking to Newport’s Motel 6 and it’s hard to blame them, given the amazing views of the Wal Mart parking lot and the water treatment plant…and its notorious threesomes. Newport’s Finest have been more than happy to take advantage of the drive-thru arrests on offer.

Newport Patch reported on one incident just this week:

A man staying at the Motel 6 on Connell Highway Monday night was arrested after he jumped out of his room’s second-floor window while carrying a loaded .22 caliber handgun, police said.

Newport Police responded to the Motel 6 at around 7:30 p.m. after they got a tip that Christoper Jeffrey Monroe, 29, of no permanent address, was saying there. Monroe was wanted for failing to appear in court on an earlier charge.

Police arrived and checked the guest list.

Though Monroe’s name was not on the list, a sharp-eyed officer recognized the name of a man that Monroe is known to associate with.

Police went to the room, knocked on the door and Monroe reportedly jumped out of the window to get away. Officers outside took him into custody without much trouble.

The reason that officers knew to wait outside the window? Possibly this incident that took place last month:

A 31-year-old Newport man jumped out of a second-story window at the Connell Highway Motel 6 in Newport Wednesday afternoon and suffered a fractured heel and sprained ankle in addition to getting arrested.

Police said they were dispatched to the motel at around 1:40 p.m. after they learned that Luther Parente, 31, of no permanent address, was staying in a room there.

Parente was wanted by Providence police for a first-degree robbery charge, according to a police report, along with five other court warrants out of Second Division District Court.

Police knocked on the door and a woman answered. Parente was sitting on the bed and when he saw police, police said, he jumped off the bed, opened the window and jumped out.

Parente fell about 15 feet and began making his way towards Newport Mini Storage. As officers closed in, he stopped and said ”I give up, I broke my ankles,” the police report stated.

Now, sometimes police don’t have to wait for a tip. Sometimes fugitives just call them up and invite them down.

A Newport man staying at the Motel 6 on Connell Highway who reported that someone stole $200 cash from his room while he slept ended up being arrested himself after responding officers discovered he had an active court warrant for failing to appear.

Police said Mark Allen Harmon, 58, called police close to midnight Tuesday to report that someone stole $200 from his room while he slept and believed the culprit was another man staying at the motel…A routine check of their identifications showed that Harmon was wanted for failing to appear in Second Division District Court for failing to appear for an ability to pay hearing.

So if you’re in Newport and you’re breaking the law, you can make things a lot easier for all involved if you either head down the the Newport Police Station on Broadway…or, if it’s more convenient, just hang out by Motel 6 and they’ll get to you eventually.

Alternatively…why not just leave Newport or not get warrants?

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Hotel Correspondent

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