The Newport Mercury Is Ceasing Operations As A Weekly Paper

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Newport’s oldest news publication will now be printed monthly.

In an e-mail sent to Newport Mercury advertisers Wednesday morning, it was announced that the publication is ceasing operations in its current form. The paper is going to take a four week hiatus, after which there is a plan to run the paper as a once-a-month supplement distributed with the Newport Daily News as well as to the paper’s free distribution points.

Moving to digital

The Newport Mercury is shifting its weekly publishing online, where publishing costs are negligible and scaling is practically free. Of course, they’re also doing so at a time when social media reach on sites like Facebook is dropping rapidly dropping for online publishers and the industry is trying to figure out how to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

The biggest change for the paper in over a decade

This move marks the largest shift in business model since 2005, when the Mercury went from being a subscription weekly to free alternative newsweekly.

The paper itself dates back to 1758, when the paper  was founded by the widow and son of James Franklin, Ben Franklin’s brother. This made Ann Franklin the first female newspaper publisher in the colonial United States.

The Mercury was acquired by the Edward A. Sherman Publishing Co., which owns the Newport Daily News, in 1928.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast News Media Correspondent


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