Newport Music Venue Has Throwback Name Change

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The Cafe is resurrected…and has an amazing lineup for the fall.

Once upon a time in Newport, there was a bar. This bar was one of the neighborhoodiest and diviest bars on the neighborhoodiest and diviest street in Newport. Back then it was called Cafe 200, for it was located at 200 Broadway. Then, about a decade ago, it got a facelift and the name changed ever so slightly to The Cafe (which is what most of the patrons called it anyway).

Fast-forward to 2014 and The Cafe shut down, only to re-open with new ownership and a complete remodeling in June of that year as Parlor. Gone were the Bud bombers and semi-working kitchen. They’d been replaced by marble bars, exquisite chandeliers, lots of candles and an all-around pricier feel.

Then, after a long winter, live music returned to became a staple of the establishment. All of a sudden, Parlor became a place to see not just local favorites, but national acts too. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with bands on national tours, Rhode Island becomes a very small state when there’s a nightclub in Providence named The Parlour.

So while the front bar/restaurant side of the house remains Parlor, the music venue get the throwback name The Cafe…at Parlor.

The Fall Lineup at The Cafe at Parlor

You may missed Moon Hooch, The Hornitz, The Ravers and the Copacetics, but you can still catch…

Parlor Fall Music Lineup Making a Scene - Updated 9-17

And, in keeping with the Throwback theme, we’d like to say that Cafe 200 was the first bar we ever drank at. It was New Years Eve in 1994…or maybe New Years Day in 1995 (the exact timing was a little fuzzy) and our friend’s brothers sneaked us in for a beer. Amazing how things have changed…and how they haven’t.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast #TBT Correspondent

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