Newport Police Had A Great Week…Until One Cop Took A Piss

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4. People in glass houses…

Newport social media took glee in sharing the What’s Up Newp story about a Newport cop caught urinating in public. Said resident sent over this image, apparently on Snapchat (which is the preferred method for transmitting dickpics) and the story went viral from there.

Courtesy: What’s Up Newp

Things get a little volatile when cops get doing what they get paid to bust everyone else for doing.

While such behavior isn’t exactly professional, the gripe most people have with the situation is the utter hypocrisy of an officer of the law committing an act that would land the average citizen with a rather hefty fine (especially on Parade Day). Then again, the loss of income the officer is looking at now he’s suspended from working details is ┬álikely quite a bit more.

We’ve always felt that the smell of urine emanating from Newport streets actually added to the appeal. It’s an extra accommodation for our guests from New York City to help them feel right at home.

What’s more embarrassing for the NPD is a Facebook post from the Newport, Oregon Police Department regarding the public urination issue.

On the bright side, as crimes committed by cops go, we’re doing a lot better than Attleboro.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Police Correspondent

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