Your Newport Restaurant Career Path – FOH Edition

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So you want a job in the service industry…

With school starting and students from Salve, URI, Roger Williams, etc. moving in, we’re guessing that quite a few will be looking for jobs, especially in Newport. We figured we’d give them a heads up at what awaits them. For those of you who’ve worked Front of the House positions, let us know if this sounds familiar. [Slight Disclaimer: Newport is full of weirdos, so don’t get too offended if this doesn’t describe you to a tee.]

Starting Out


Based on your “presentability” and ability to pick things up and put them down, you’ll likely start as a hostess, busser or barback. If you’re getting this job in high school, it’ll likely put more cash in your pocket then you’ve ever seen (unless you’ve been dealing drugs at a prep school). But once you’ve got a¬†some¬†experience under your belt, you’re going to realize that there’s a lot more money out there.nextpage-button

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