Your Newport Restaurant Career Path – FOH Edition

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Waiting (In College)

young waitress

At most places in Newport, you’re going to have to be out of high school to wait tables, because you have to be 18 to serve alcohol and, as much as we hate to break it to the folks at IHOP, that’s where the money is.

If you find yourself waiting tables, realize you don’t hate it…and you’re not fired in your first week for being terrible, you’ve likely found a job that you could find yourself doing the rest of your life. After all, you’re taking home more pay than most people without a college degree. You can cover your rent, car payment, drinking expenses, eating out, even new clothes. This wouldn’t be a bad way to live your life…if only you didn’t have bigger plans for yourself.

You’re studying business administration or marketing or maybe fashion design or early childhood education. You’re going to have a real career…once you get your diploma.


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